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About Us


Same Day Local Delivery/Pickup

  We Suggest ordering Wine by the glass or Sample packs if you haven’t had our product ; ) 

 Wines are categorized from Dry-Less Sweet (Cab/Merlot) to Super Sweet. (Candy) 

    There are Delivery Options and a Comment Box that  Populates near the end of CheckOut for you to put in your Delivery Time Requests.
  You will receive a Text/Email within 20 minutes of ordering Letting you know your order is out for Delivery or ready for Pickup.  Delivery/Pickup  is  available  from  10am  ~  6pm  (order  before  530pm)    Orders are delivered typically within an hour unless you order after 6pm.  Orders after 6pm go out the following Day. 

If  your  city  is  not  listed  in  our  Local  area  for  same  day  delivery ,  Pick  Up  will  be  your  only  option.  

Please note that while we choose to serve our Wines Chilled or heated for the Spiced  Varietals, it’s up to your personal preferences on how you enjoy them ; ) Please do not store your Wine in heat or light. A dark pantry is suitable for Many Years if you don’t drink them first 😋